Friday, July 31, 2009

Through the Desert, Over the Mountains, and Alongside the Railroad

These are some of my favorite pictures; scenes from the desert, homes and the Mission we passed, mountain ranges, the sun's rays falling into the trees (almost as if their branches were reaching up to catch the rays), the Joshua Tree National Park--nature. I especially like the pictures of the railroad (I love railroads and trains), the eagle, the smoke rising from the mountains, and the sunsets over the Camel Back Mountains from the Pima Indian Reservation.

When my mother was a very little girl, she used to sit on the front seat of the car with her grandpa and grandma and say "Santa Fe, all the way!" talking about the railroad. So, I took the pictures of the Santa Fe signs in honor of the little girl her. And, of course, it always reminds me of my Newsis song, "Santa Fe, are you there, do you swear you won't forget me? For a dreamer night's the only time of day. All I need's a few more dollars and I'm outta here to stay, dreams come true, yes they do in Santa Fe..."

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