Friday, July 31, 2009

Pictures Between Ft. Smith and Tucumcari

We were in 6 states in 2 days, wow! Georgia, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and New Mexico. It is very windy between Oklahoma and New Mexico, which they make use of in the windmills and wind turbines. Some of the trees are permanently "wind bent." There are also oil drills out in fields that you can see from along the roadside. We stopped at a gas station in Oklahoma to refuel (the SUV and ourselves). It was an old and quaint gas station that we pulled into. When we stopped, there was a grandmother walking in with her little granddaughter; I couldn't resist snapping the phot of the two of them together. I think it's super sweet. There were also designated areas for our canine companions to take care of business. It was marked with a red fire hydrant and a sign :"City Dogs". Apparently, they also have a candy called cherry mash, and knowing how I am about cherry anything I decided to give it a go; kind of like a Baby Ruth with cherry filling. We stopped in Vega, TX (a very small town) for blizzards a little later. They sure do love their Dairy Queens and their Hardeez--oops, Carl's Jr.s--out west!

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