Friday, July 31, 2009

Road Trip Diary: July 15

July 15, 2009
We’ve been in 6 states in the last 2 days. We are staying tonight in Tucumcari, New Mexico (on Route 66!). The earth changed as I drove us from Oklahoma into Texas, the scenery looking less like familiar farmland or mountain ranges. What a beautiful earth God has made. I am in love with its breathtaking beauty. I call home; I stop to swing; I talk to my mom and my sister, but really this day has been a constant checking in with God, a day of being loved by His Spirit, drinking it in through the blue skies and scenery, a day of letting go—broken feelings, lost friends, and the breath of my desire blowing through the wind, knowing all my desire is before the One.
We drive around to take some pictures as a storm brews. It makes the sky glow pink and orange, iridescent clouds. The wind blows wildly, like an invisible dancer, beckoning me to join whenever I step into it. We are looking for some “traveling” items and find a desolate K-Mart. Then, we eat. Our waiter, Dale, has a distinct amount of Native American blood. The years have claimed his hair but not his smile or, I imagine the humble spirit with which he serves us. Tonight I am grateful; my heart is full of love for this, God’s good earth.

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