Friday, December 23, 2011


My grandfather, Lee Watson

My sister, Julie Stults

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Three Cities

Three Cities: Macon (St. Joseph's), Atlanta (Skyline), Chattanooga (Walnut St. Bridge)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Head Drawing 4

And, we have color! Scumbling on cardboard
An analogous scheme in pastel
Back to chalk...

Head Drawing 3

Head Drawing 2

Head Drawing 1


The hangliding jump-off spot on Lookout Mountain.
Ok, not the best cropping job, but this is how it "landed"
in the frame and I couldn't crop it "neatly" without losing edges.
Another of Pescadero Beach
using a different brush technique.
Finished Napa Valley: This is one of my favorite pieces
of those I completed this semester!
Phase 2 of Napa Valley: A work in progress.
You may notice how some of the colors have been
altered in the previous image and how
shadows have been softened or darkened
to enhance atmospheric perspective.

Phase 1: Napa Valley value study. The initial phase
to create a sense of real value and perspective
before overlaying color.

Some More From Landscape

Daffodils and a windmill. Gifted to my little sister.
Given to my mother; a quaint farm area.
A marina landscape
Pescadero Beach
Washington Park in Macon

More From Figurative Studio

Some more nudes from my figurative studio class.

Works in Progress...(some bits from old scribbles I found)

In Progress 1
Outside, the sky is thick
with the heaviness of
The voices of Your people
lifted up,
looking for Your light.
Then, from the distance
call out
and all the darkness scatters.
In Progress 2
So I'm chasing the rain
in hopes that Your grace
will wash over me,
I fall on my face,
tumble to my knees,
chasing the rain,
in thirst of You.
In Progress 3
Somewhere she sits,
beyond ordinary thought
and the phone rings,
but she doesn't answer.
She is not aware,
lost in the land of a make-believe world
she's been made to believe,
when some quiet voice breaks the
And we, really, are all the same,
dressed up in our business suits and ballgowns,
tough guy faces and tattered crowns
we've made for ourselves to wear
We are all lost in teh fame,
lost in the land of make-believe
we've been made to believe
until Your quiet voice breaks through
and light shines right
into the corner of the room,
where I am now
face to face,
looking at You.
The Walnut Street Bridge in Chattanooga. Completed for my landscape class this semester.

Some nudes completed for my figurative studio class.

Art Work

This is a piece I did for an auction Christ Chapel held to raise money to help defray the cost of a member who had recently been battling with cancer. At the time of the auction/exhibit, she was in remission! GREAT NEWS!

These are two pieces I completed for my landscape class this semester. Both are of the Napa Valley region.

Along with a nude completed in my figurative studio class. This is the piece that I spent the most time on this semester as it was my final project.
All followed by the "thumb" of one of the prior Napa Valley landscapes, pushing a split-analogous color scheme.