Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I Try (a song)

I try to walk, I try to move, I try to breathe but all I see is you.
Just your eyes lost in that place the tears that ran right down your face
and spilled into me...

Sunshine in the afternoon, I saw you walking,
the sunlight seemed to pour from you
I lost myself in the way you moved
and we started talking...

All of lifethere in your voice
hanging me with every word you said
when you looked at me I felt complete
your eyes all I see in my head...

I try to walk, I try to move, I try to breathe but all I can do is look at you
and your bright eyes shining.
If hope could make a dream come true,
that's how I feel when I'm with you...

I Loved You Before...

I loved you before there were words to say it or actions to show it

I loved you before there were gifts to bring you or songs to sing you.

I loved you before there was even a way to touch you, hold you...know you.

I loved you before there were hours or minutes or days
and time stretched out into eternity in both directions.

I loved you before, there in that place, before we even existed.

Only a Dream (To My Love)...

Sometimes I imagine you were only a dream I dreamed; that you only existed in my visions and we never really met...sometimes I imagine you were a character from my vividly roaming mind, a story I told, a movie I saw, or a combination of all the above...sometimes I dream about you and when I wake up I try to convince myself that, you were never really here. Only there, in my head. But your memory lingers in my heart...sometimes I think it would be easier to move on, let go, forget about you if you really were just a man in my dreams, but how can you forget the man of your dreams?

I have loved you truly, I am changed because I have loved you...if we had never met, you are the one I'd still hope for. And even if we are never together, you are the one I will close my eyes and dream of...I feel my heart has never loved like this, nor ever again will. I try to let go, I try to move on because I am told I must, but I don't know how to loosen myself from my own skin, how to cut myself away from my own soul...


Today I fel disconnected from anyone as if I am that infamous "dust in the wind," a feather floating all alone and aimless through a world of eyeless and earless beings--soulless faces that do not notice me, that do not care. I am important to no one, and the "most important" to no one. Today I want to sink into the air, dissipate into nothingness and just be...gone.

All I Have...

All I have is this paper and these pens; sketches of what was and what I'd hoped would be. A fingerprint here and there, the tell-tale sign that I'm the one who drew it, that this is not reality, only what I wish it could be...