Saturday, February 15, 2014

Some of You

Unless I am with you, I feel like I am treading time--seconds, minutes, hours. 
Days go by. Sometimes weeks. 
And I find I am ready to quit time all together. 
Then you call. I answer even though I am unsure where you have been. 
I come even though you have measured time with faces, hands, 
and lips other than mine--because 
I would rather have some of you than none at all. 
I hear your voice and my heart beats again. 
You move your mouth next to mine, breathing life back into my body. 
I feel your skin warming me from the inside. 
In any moment spent with you, time stops. 
Bare and beautiful before me, there is no one but you. 
There is always only you. There was always only you. 
There will always only ever be you. 
So when others speak, their voices make no sound for me. 
When their eyes look at me, I am looking for you. 
And they must know they will never hold me. Because... 
I would rather have just a little of you than all of anyone else. 

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