Friday, February 28, 2014

Deactivation: Day 5

Five days without Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Admittedly, I've wondered about what people are doing, if anyone misses me, if I'm missing something. Then, I remember that if it's really that important for me to know, the people will take the time to tell me themselves; if they really miss me, they'll make time to see me in reality rather than simply reading a status update I've posted.

I also realize that I'm gaining something--a different perspective. a grasp on what is present. I'm not distracting myself with the newsfeed on my phone, absorbed into the black hole of the cyber world. My precious minutes are mostly spent in the actuality of now--obviously I'm typing on a blog. Also,oddly, I spent the morning with a web designer discussing the museum's new webpage in addition to creating my own webpage for my art, but these are all more display options for creative endeavors rather than the unending stream of social awareness.

Honestly, there is only one person among those I truly care about connecting with whom I haven't talked to outside of the social media arena since "deactivation day". I've started a lot of conversations with him in my mind and wondered what he's been doing. But it's probably better for my own heart (and sanity) that I don't know.

For now, I am good with the people who are on my daily "friends list" and the "events" that become the skin on the bones of my day. Less frenzied, more focused, as if I've discovered a secret place to hide--here in the plain sight looking from the vantage point of reality.

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