Saturday, January 24, 2015

Tonight, Looking at Stars (4 weeks ago)...

Tonight I am looking at the sky, wrapped in a blanket covered in stars, hot tea in hand, wondering, imagining, dreaming, thinking. Not that unusual for me, but still... 

That the One who made the stars and placed them into the sky, who set the orbital patterns of the universe, and created physical law would take on the limits of a physical body, and much more give us fallible beings the capacity for bearing the most paramount and perfect force of all--love--is a humbling, breathtaking, perplexing responsibility. 

Every life, every soul stitched together with the infinitesimal and immense so every fiber within is connected to the Divine, and as such to one another, purposed to remind each other of Glory, to spark Hope, to kindle the Love from which we all came. 

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