Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sleeping Beauty

Dear truest lover,
It's your kiss alone that will wake me from this tossing 
turning sleep.
Spinning silks go round the needle's prick, 
will your absence make this curse complete? 
My eyes forever closed to you, their only wanted sight
--even when this world's darkness folds to the daybreak 
of heaven's light. 
Or will you fight the demons there 
so that our lips can meet, 
and breathe your breath as life for mine, 
unraveling the spell, 
like silken threads the ties that bind 
our restless hearts 
and make our searching dreams complete. 
And here we'll live until, 
gravity can no longer hold our wings,
feathered by unnumbered years. 
Unbound by the strings 
of this old earth's mortality and fears, 
we are two eternal lovers it could never hope to keep. 
So at the close of this life's last turn, 
you'll fly away with me. 
We'll tell our story to the stars, 
echoing infinitely through the skies,
and they'll shine with the magic light of our love 
forever to repeat.

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