Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Autumn is only 3 days away, but it already whispers in the air. I woke up this morning to its crisp bite on my legs and immediately my blood coursed with prose and poetry. Something about this season, it stirs those feelings of change and stability together so that I feel most aware of the present moment in the folds of its turning leaves and inviting scents. And in the midst of a present moment, of course, is the best place to write poetry. Here are my offerings today...

To A Close

Sweet persimmon flowers begin to fold up, filling the air with their fragrance.

Lightning bugs send out a final call, signaling to each other, hoping for a beacon in return.

The first of the fallen leaves rustle at my feet.

Summer is coming to a close.

Used To

I lost sight of you somewhere between good bye and the road home.
We used to laugh at the silliness of the world together,
we used to protect one another,
we used to share a moment every day...
now the phone line crackles with the silence of our breath, the effort to find words to say

The feeling of you being near began to fade somewhere between the top of the stairs and miles between us
we used to have an unbreakable bond,
we used to find warmth in daily bread,
we used to remember each other...
now the length between phone calls is longer and the space in my heart empties more.

Far Apart

I am alone here, you are with there
my heart still calls you, your heart stopped answering long ago
an eternity together, forgotten in a few short days
not so many miles, but still very far apart.

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