Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Road Trip Therapy

The following posts are some things I had blogged on another site...I'm just attempting to consolidate :)...

February 12, 2007

So my friend Andrea called me a couple of months ago and asked if I wanted to go on a mini-road trip with her. "Sure" I said, without a breath of hesitation. Well, we went this weekend and it was amazing! Really, just getting to come home (I had to bring my Phil dog to Momma's so she could watch him while we were gone) was amazing. There is something about the mountains that just pricks my heart and soothes it all at the same time. I have been away from them for so long and the moment they come into view my heart begins to beat with excitement at seeing its old friends. It was great to see Momma, my sister, to see Andrea and her family, and to meet Kendra and Jan and all the kids at the children's home. Normally God speaks to me through other people, I feel His living presence quicken in me when I am around other believers and He moves me with compassion when I am around people who have yet to meet Him. But this time, oh this time He let me rest in His strength and be amazed at His majesty as we travelled those miles hedged in by the mountains. Not to sound like a paganistic, earth worshipper, but I feel this spiritual connection to those great green-gray giants, at once fearsome and comforting. I think about the stories these mountains could tell. I think about my Cherokee ancestors who had homes here before settlers came and how their memories are carried through the wind in the trees and the rivers that run in the earth. I see them in their canoes and hunting their food and clothing and shelter in this land where God placed them. I think about my Irish and German ancestors and how the mountains welcomed and challenged them after a long journey. I think about the Creator who made these high hills, these forces of rock and soil and trees. How His hands hold and protect, how they can be fearful and powerful. How they harness the strength of the earth and give life. And that no matter how small I am, that my Jesus has chosen to make me part of this beautiful place, He has numbered me among His creations. Oh, I want to be on the mountain ready and waiting when He calls me Home.

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